Steve Sadler, originally from England began his photographic journey in 1982 and after spending time traveling to various parts of the world and around Australia, is now based in North West Tasmania. With a long-standing passion for the remote wilderness areas of the world and all things flora and fauna, for Steve creating images that record moments that can never be repeated and when light and conditions will never be the same, was a natural extension of his interests. In turn this has resulted in Steve producing the highest quality photographs, inviting the viewer to want to go and explore more of the natural world.  

Steve’s passion lies with birds and animals. Preferring to use only available light combined with a variety of photographic techniques and equipment Steve produces images that portray his wildlife subjects in their natural surroundings relaxed un-posed and behaving naturally be it a predator making a kill or a parent feeding its young.

Since relocating to Tasmania, Steve has further become entranced with the everchanging light and atmospheric conditions that constantly change within the natural Tasmanian wilderness. This has caused a rejuvenation of Steve first photographic experiences and he has begun again to record landscape images, moving away from digital image capture, to using analogue black and white film photography.

Steves landscape works are not just about not exploring the extensive open spaces, but also the details that are often missed by the casual viewer, other smaller elements that combine to make the bigger picture. The aim of his landscapes is simple to produce an image that evokes the viewer into feeling the atmosphere of the then and there.

Whatever the image, and no matter which way it has been captured Steve brings his images to life in high quality fine art glicee prints. Using fine art papers Steve produces a print that fully enhances the image, giving a tactile feel to a two-dimensional image enticing the viewer to reach out and touch the textured feathers of a bird or feel the coolness of running water within a landscape.